A Unique and Life Changing Elective

Nurse Uganda offers an elective opportunity like no other. As well as sharing your skills and gaining experience of healthcare within the developing world, your trip will fund vital and often lifesaving treatment for individuals and communities you will meet during your time in Uganda.

You will experience both acute and community healthcare settings and have the opportunity to deliver much needed health education to young children living in the city slums. You will spend time in Kampala, the capital city, as well as in a large town and a more rural setting, gaining insight into the varied challenges to healthcare access and provision the Ugandans face.

You will spend time with local communities, build relationships with individuals, visit homes, hospitals and schools and gain a deep insight into the Ugandan culture and way of life.

In addition you will be witness to the beautiful and scenic country that Uganda is, enjoy a 3 day safari at Murchsion Falls National Park, and share this incredible experience with a supportive group of 5-10 likeminded people.

Our Placement Locations


Murchison Falls