Supporting Communities


How Nurse Uganda Helps Individuals & Communities

As well sharing the knowledge and skills of the programmes participants Nurse Uganda works to support local communities on the ground in Uganda in the following ways:

As part of the health promotion presentations in Kampala, we work to provide donations of mosquito nets, bars of soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste to hundreds of children in the slums of Kampala following the relevant heath education given to these children in order for them to put them to good use.

All the Nurse Uganda placement areas benefit from the presence of the nursing students and qualified nurses that are with them for the duration of the placement. They also receive a financial donation to enable them to contribute to the ongoing development of the healthcare they provide.

As part of the placement experience in Kasambya, Nurse Uganda facilitates an outreach programme with a local clinic we are partnered with. The outreach programme allows local people in rural villages access to healthcare, which they would usually be unable to access due to the distance to the nearest clinic.  During the Outreach Programme all the patients seen receive the medication they so greatly require free of charge.

Nurse Uganda works with three UK registered charities who work with vulnerable children and their families in Uganda. They are all thriving charities who do very worthwhile work within communities in Uganda. Kiddies Support Scheme is based in Hoima and Kasambya and allows children to access education and healthcare for acute and long-term health conditions. Kids Club Kampala works within many of the slum communities in Uganda helping children to access education and running feeding programmes in the slums. Uganda Hands for hope helps children within a slum community in Kampala to access education and healthcare including running immunisation programmes for infants.

Participation in our Elective Programme would allow you to meet many of these children and their families in Uganda. Not only will you have a variety of different experiences and placement opportunities, but included in the cost of your elective are donations to these worthwhile causes, helping to ensure that the placements and projects we work with can continue to help improve children’s lives.

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