The History of Nurse Uganda

Nurse Uganda was founded in August 2014 by Catherine Spreckley.

Catherine first visited Uganda back in 1994. Whilst she had an immediate love for the country and its people, she was also challenged by the desperate poverty and the challenges she witnessed during the 4 months she was there. As a consequence, when she returned, she contacted her old school and starting actively fundraising for the children and their families she had grown to know and love in Uganda. This fundraising really took off, so much so that in the year 2000 KISS (Kiddies Support Scheme) became a registered charity which is now supporting hundreds of children and their communities and is a charity thriving more than ever with an annual turnover of approximately £70,000. Catherine was an active trustee of the charity up until the end of 2013, and over the years has visited Uganda pretty much every year and spent over a year living and working there in 2000-2001.

Catherine is also a Paediatric Nurse, with almost 20 years’ experience in the NHS. Having gained significant experience in primary, secondary and tertiary clinical practice, and latterly in nurse education, Catherine qualified as a nurse teacher in 2011 and is now a Clinical Practice Educator at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Catherine had a vision for ‘Nurse Uganda’ when the pre-registration nursing curriculum in England was changing and an elective experience for the students was made compulsory. Catherine explains

”It just seemed like a perfect opportunity to combine my love of Uganda, my love of Children’s Nursing and the wealth of experience and contacts I have in both, to establish a unique and life changing elective programme. Student and qualified nurses can visit Uganda, offer their knowledge and skills and gain an experience of healthcare in the developing world, whilst raising much needed funds for individuals and communities in need of potential lifesaving healthcare.”

In July 2014 five student nurses went to Uganda for their elective for 4 weeks. It was an incredibly successful trip for all involved (see Testimonials) and just reassured Catherine of her vision and the need to develop this opportunity so that many more people can benefit.

Our Placement Locations


Murchison Falls