Hoima is a town in Western Uganda, it is located 140 miles north west of Kampala. It lies on a good tarmac road about 4 hours from the capital, Kampala, but other roads in the district are very poor and some villages are not accessible by road. Most people live by subsistence farming. Hoima is home to one of the KISS centres, and you will have the opportunity to visit KISS families within their communities, and spend time with the kids at the centre.

You will also have chance to visit the government hospital, and a private clinic and spend time working in both. You have the opportunity for both observation and participation in the care of the patients, including blood testing in the lab and medicines administration. Within the hospital you will have the chance to spend time in the feeding unit, paediatric ward and neonatal unit. Whilst at the clinic you will have the opportunity to rotate around triage, spend time on the ward with inpatients, work in the lab, spend time with the radiologist and give out medications in the dispensary.

Accommodation in Hoima is in the Millennium hotel, sharing in rooms of 2-3 people. Breakfast and Dinner are provided and a packed lunch will be arranged for you to take to your placements. The hotel is very pleasant and it has flushing toilets, electricity and hot showers.

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