Kasambya is a small town in South-West Uganda, it is located west of Kampala. The road between Kasambya and Kampala is a good tarmac road, the road between Hoima and Kasambya varies greatly depending on the weather. Kasambya is home to the second KISS centre, you will again have the chance to visit KISS families in their villages, and spend time with the kids at the KISS site.

Placements will be within the local clinic in the centre of the town, and within the outreach programme in the surrounding villages. Whilst at the clinic you will be able to experience the daily running of a clinic within a small town, working with both inpatients and outpatients. When working with the outreach programme you will have the chance to help with diagnosis, blood testing and pharmacy dispensing all in the field. The patients at the outreach programme are invited to follow up appointments at the clinic if they require it or their condition is particularly complex.

Accommodation in Kasambya is the most basic you will experience during the Elective Programme. We will be staying in the parish grounds in a private block that has many rooms with bunk beds, sharing in rooms of 2-4. We will have breakfast and dinner at the parish and take a packed lunch when you go off to the placement areas during the day. There is electricity and cold showers or a warm bucket of water to wash with, and long drop toilets.

Our Placement Locations


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